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Benefits of domestic or commercial insulation

With some of the highest insulation R-values available, spray foam insulation can improve efficiency and comfort. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a versatile insulation and sealant that can create a continuous air barrier on multiple surfaces in homes or buildings, including ceilings, walls and concrete slabs.

  • Lower Energy Costs
  • More Comfort
  • Stay Cooler in the Summer
  • Stay Warmer in the Winter
  • Resale Value

Benefits of Spray Form Insulation

Enjoy year round savings on your energy bills and a comfortable indoor climate in every season with our innovative and sustainable spray foam insulation.

Cutting heating costs

Save up to 50% on your energy bills by reducing heat loss and retaining warmth.

Eco Friendly

Our spray foam is a sustainable water blown solution with zero CFCs and no nasty chemicals.

Cosy & Comfortable

Enjoy added warmth in winter and mild temperatures in summer.

Energy efficient

Less energy is required for heating therefore reducing your usage and carbon emissions.

Prevent damp

Spray insulation controls moisture to help stop damp, mould and mildew.

Lifetime guarantee

A long-term investment that will stand the test of time.

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Spray Form Insulation Specialists

Spray Form Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation material commonly used in building construction to improve energy efficiency and thermal performance. It is a versatile insulation option that can be applied as a liquid and then expands into a foam-like material, filling gaps, cracks, and cavities in walls, ceilings, and other building structures.  There are two main types of spray foam insulation:

  1. Open-Cell Spray Foam: Open-cell spray foam is less dense and has a spongy texture when cured. It allows some air and moisture to pass through it but still provides good insulation properties. It is often used in interior applications and can help with soundproofing in addition to insulation.
  2. Closed-Cell Spray Foam: Closed-cell spray foam is denser and provides a higher level of insulation. It forms a rigid, closed-cell structure when cured, which helps to create an effective air and moisture barrier. Closed-cell spray foam is often used in exterior applications and provides excellent insulation in addition to enhancing a building’s structural integrity.The process of applying spray foam insulation involves using special equipment to mix two chemical components (polyol resin and isocyanate) on-site and then spray the mixture onto the desired surfaces. As it is applied, the mixture expands rapidly to fill gaps and create a seamless insulation layer.

Benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  1. High Insulation Value: Spray foam provides excellent insulation properties, helping to maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.
  2. Air and Moisture Barrier: Closed-cell spray foam, in particular, creates an effective air and moisture barrier, reducing drafts and preventing moisture infiltration.
  3. Versatility: It can be used in various applications, including walls, roofs, attics, and crawl spaces.
  4. Seamless Installation: Spray foam conforms to the shape of the space it’s applied to, minimizing gaps and voids in the insulation.
  5. Longevity: When properly installed, spray foam insulation can have a long lifespan, providing lasting energy saving

It is essential to hire a professional installer for spray foam insulation, as the application process requires specialised equipment and expertise to ensure proper coverage and avoid potential issues like over-expansion or under-application – speak to the specialists today at Home Homes Ireland.